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Share your story with creativity and authenticity.


I'm Emily, the owner and worker bee of Shine C&C. I love supporting other entrepreneurs! That first conversation when my client describes their vision for their business... when I see their dream taking shape... it's probably my favorite part of any project. 


Creating a visual expression of my clients' ideas and helping them build a strategy around their business goals is so gratifying for me. My goal is to help clients create an authentic brand and a website that makes them say, "it just feels like me!" For many, it ends up being a deeply personal and transformative journey, and I feel truly honored to be part of their adventure.


"You’ve been such a great support in this process for me, and you’ve

helped me define my business (and myself) and gain confidence...

I appreciate you and am grateful for you." 

Roz Kincaid, Soul Healing with Roz



Emily Stout, Owner & Worker Bee

Shine Coaching & Consulting, LLC