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Share your story with creativity and authenticity.



I'm Emily, the owner and worker bee of Shine C&C. I love supporting other entrepreneurs! That first conversation when my client describes their vision for their business... when I see their dream taking shape... it's probably my favorite part of any project. 


Creating a visual expression of my clients' ideas and helping them build a strategy around their business goals is so gratifying for me. My goal is to help clients create an authentic brand and a website that makes them say, "it just feels like me!" For many, it ends up being a deeply personal and transformative journey, and I feel truly honored to be part of their adventure.


"Emily is a business consulting GURU. She coached the answers out of me that catapulted my resume page into an interactive array of information and services. And not only is she creative AF and highly technically skilled, but she is FRIENDLY. You can chat with her and really get into a flow, and she will turn that into a solid work plan for your business's needs. And then she'll surpass your imagination and expectations too! 

Jasmine L. Typer, Solidarity and Solutions

Image by Yousef Espanioly


Emily Stout, Owner & Worker Bee

Shine Coaching & Consulting, LLC