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Brand Strategy

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What's in a Brand?

Your brand is the story you tell about your business and reflects the values you hold as a business.  It's the personality of your business.  It's the emotion people feel when they walk into your store or land on your website.  It is the feeling people are left with after every interaction with you and your business.

Your brand is what drives just about every decision you make.  It should be experienced immediately in your aesthetic and your words.  It is so much more than a logo.  It is the story of you and your business... it is who you are why you do what you do.

How do I create my Brand?


Developing your brand is an exciting, thoughtful, and purposeful exercise... and it's why I'm here!  Whether you're just starting on your entrepreneurial journey or you're a seasoned business-owner, we will collaborate together to create or evolve your brand so that it truly reflects your passion and personality!

Creative Work

Business Strategy

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What is a Business Strategy?

Your business strategy is grounded in your vision for the future.  Your strategy should include your business objectives as well as your plan detailing the steps you will take to be successful.  It includes all aspects of your vision and mission statements as well as what motivated you to start your business in the first place.  Once those are formulated, you develop your core values.  These are the beliefs and convictions that you hold closest to your heart.  A solid business strategy include metrics that measure progress on your journey toward success.

How do I know if my Business Strategy is working?


For existing businesses, we start with a review of your current business strategy and action plan.  We discuss what elements are working well and those elements that need to be improved to better support your overall business objectives.  Creating your business involves soul work as much as brain work.  Together, we can collaborate to develop a strategy that will feel heart-centered and successful.

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Book a free 60-minute session to discuss how your brand can work better for your business!

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I'm Emily, the owner and worker bee of Shine C&C.  I am a Type A Hippie, a recovering perfectionist, a Reiki practitioner who only practices on my plants and pups (and occasionally my children).  I haven't met a house plant I don't need, and I'm a novice gardener.  Over the past twenty years, I have also accrued a communications master's, a coaching certification, and quite a bit of business experience.

Supporting other entrepreneurs is my passion!  I am particularly inspired to empower those who feel oppressed in our society.  This is a safe space for all entrepreneurs and business owners.  You are welcome here.  I can't wait to hear your story!


In fact, my first conversation with a client is when I ask them to describe their vision for their business.  Seeing their dream take shape is one of my favorite part of any project.  I find that what most of my clients desire more than anything else is simply someone who believes in them.  For many, it ends up being a deeply personal and transformative process.  I feel truly honored to be part of their journey.

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"You’ve been such a great support in this process for me, and you’ve helped me define my business (and myself) and gain confidence...

I appreciate you and am grateful for you." 

Roz Kincaid

Soul Healing with Roz

"Emily is a business consulting GURU.  She coached the answers out of me that catapulted my resume page into an interactive array of information and services.  And not only is she creative AF and highly technically skilled, but she is FRIENDLY.  You can chat with her and really get into a flow, and she will turn that into a solid work plan for your business's needs.  And then she'll surpass your imagination and expectations too! " 

Jasmine L. Tyler

Solidarity and Solutions

"It was incredible to work on the website design and creation with marketing specialist and guru Emily Stout at Shine Coaching & Consulting.  Thank you for guiding me and helping me shine!" 

Gazelle Gallagher

Choice Engineering LLC


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