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Non-Profit  Support


Non-profits existence and success depends almost entirely on the dedication and passion of their employees.  Becoming a successful non-profit, usually involves very little money, and a whole lot of time and energy.  Many non-profits can't afford a a large staff.  The focus generally stays on programs and fundraising.


Most elements of branding, communications, and marketing are handled by people who are passionate about the cause, but don't actually have a whole lot of experience in the fields of marketing and communications.  This causes them to divert their focus away from their main area of expertise, such as grant-writing or fundraising efforts.  Sadly, this can lead to a great deal of frustration, unsuccessful marketing, or worse, employee burnout.

That's where Shine comes in!  I can support your organization's  goals on an ongoing basis, or I can come in to help with branding and marketing for a focused project or event.


Ongoing support may take the form of designing newsletters, supporting internal or external communications, or ensuring  your social media presence is on brand and supporting your organizations goals.  Special projects may include rebranding your organization (or one of your programs), updating your website, creating communication templates, or marketing big fundraising events.

I would love to use my experience to help your non-profit tells its story and connect with potential program users, as well as donors.  How can I support you?  Reach out today for a free initial consult!

How can Shine support you?

Thank you for connecting! 

Emily will take in your information and reach out within 72 hours.

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