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Meet  Emily

Mindful Mama
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Business Coach
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Dog Lover
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Aspiring Reiki Master
Marketing Consultant
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Web Designer
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Type A Hippie
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Supporter of Dreams

I've been coaching and consulting for awhile now, but I formally started this business about five years ago.  I "retired" from the corporate communications gig when I had my daughter and decided to be a stay at home mom for a bit.  After about a year, I desperately needed to start using my brain in non-mom ways again.  I started playing around with my own website to prep for launching my own coaching and consulting business.  That led to helping out a friend, which then led to another person offering to pay me to create their website.  Five years later, my business has grown in ways I wouldn't have expected.

Most of my clients are solopreneurs (and moms, as it turns out).  As an entrepreneur, you are your business, especially when that business is service-based.  People need to connect to you as a person in order to connect with your business.  That's where I come in... I am a business coach and a marketing consultant... oh, and a self-taught graphic designer (still struggling with owning that description).  We can use technical words like logo, branding, web design and marketing collateral, but really my role is simply to support you in telling your story.

I know!  It sounds like a lot... I used to stress over whether it was too much for one business, but experience has taught me that it isn't.  It actually all works together in a lovely and organic way.  I have found that while starting a business may be a professional aspiration, the journey itself is a deeply personal one.  Many of my clients find that the work around defining their vision and goals for their business has the added benefit of personal transformation and evolution.


I truly love what I do. What's your dream? 

The Formal Stuff...

Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance, George Mason University
Co-Active Coaching Program, Coaches Training Institute
Master of Arts in Organizational & Corporate Communications, Emerson College
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, The College of the Holy Cross
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