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Meet  Emily


I've been coaching and consulting for almost 20 years now, but I formally started this business in 2016.  I "retired" from the corporate communications gig when I had my first child and decided to be a stay at home mom for a bit.  As my family expanded, I desperately needed to start using my brain in non-mom ways again.  I started playing around with my own website to prep for launching my own coaching and consulting business.  That led to helping out a friend, which then led to another person offering to pay me to create their website.  Eight years and two children later, my business has grown in ways I wouldn't have expected.

Most of my clients are solopreneurs.  As an entrepreneur, you are your business, especially when that business is service-based.  People need to connect to you as a person in order to connect with your business.  That's where I come in... I am a business coach and a brand strategist, as well as a self-taught web and graphic designer .Ultimately, my role is to support you in telling your story.


I have found that while starting a business may be a professional aspiration, the journey itself is a deeply personal one.  Many of my clients find that the work we do together defining their vision and goals for their business has the added benefit of personal transformation and evolution.


I truly love what I do.  What's your dream? 

Who I Am:
Partner & Mother
Ally & Advocate
Coach, Strategist & Designer
Supporter of Dreams
What I Believe In:

The Formal Stuff...

I am a big believer in authenticity, connection, trust and respect.  I believe that without those things any relationship is doomed... including business relationships.  I tell my clients that if you don't feel all of those things with me, then I'm not the right coach for you.  For me to support your vision and help you develop your brand, you need to feel safe enough to share your story and dreams with me.

My clients feel an authentic connection with me and trust their intuition that I am the right person to support them on their professional journey.  That being said, it doesn't hurt to know that I have a little knowledge in these areas.  Here's more information on my background and experience.


My conservative and privileged upbringing led me to attend The College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts where I received a BA in Psychology.  Realizing I didn't actually want to work in research or be a therapist, I started my professional career in HR.  After 5 years in HR, I found my true passion...  Communications!  Back to higher education I went to  acquire my Master of Arts in Organizational and Corporate Communications at Emerson College (Boston, MA).


I leveraged that Master's degree in the eight years I worked in Corporate Communications at a Boston-based Fortune 500 company, not to mention the year I spent as the Communications and Marketing Director at a DC-based non-profit.  I spent fifteen years in the corporate grind before I realized that it was no longer for me.  

In 2011, I left the corporate world to pursue personal and professional coaching.  I had a beautiful and transformative experience with the Coaches Training Institute (now Co-Active Training Institute).  I met some amazing people and coaches, and realized that I wanted to use my passion for communicating in a different way.  I've been coaching in some way ever since.  Eventually (2014), I got certified with the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance through George Mason University.

I have always followed my passion in life... whether that's formal schooling or something more energetic or spiritual like becoming a reiki practitioner.  The intersection of my life experience and professional learning allows me to meet my clients where they are, supporting and empowering them to pursue their dreams!

Book a 60-minute free consultation to discuss how we can make your dream a reality!

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"The most common way people give up their   power is by thinking they  don’t  have any."
Alice Walker
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