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Branding & Logos

Creating your brand isn't just about a fun logo or the right fonts. Building your brand is about creating an identity, a personality, for your business.


What emotions do you want to evoke when people see your website, letterhead or business cards?  Do you like a minimalist, reserved approach?  Or do you want people to feel the whimsical nature of your creative side?


Developing your brand identity will define how people perceive your business, the type of customers you attract, and, in many ways, you.

Book a free 60-minute session to discuss how your branding and logo can better reflect your business!

Business Coaching Details
Marketing Details

You have a passion in life. Yay!  But how do you turn it into a business?  How do you structure your products or services?  Or put a price on the value of your time?  How do you determine what opportunities are worth the investment?


Together we can explore the dream you have for your business. From there, we can develop your business goals and strategy. We can talk through the evolution you hope to see with your business and how to prepare for future business growth.

It is a journey we will be on together. Let me be your biggest supporter!  Book a free 60-minute session to talk about how business coaching can help turn your vision into measurable efforts that support your business.

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Business Coaching

Marketing Consulting

Marketing is not "selling."  This is a critically important point.  So many people find the idea of "marketing" their business scary and intimidating. They don't want to pressure people, but that's not what marketing is about. At its core, marketing helps you connect to your potential clients in a meaningful way.  It's sharing your story and expertise with a brand identity that piques the interest of your potential clients, creating the desire to learn more about you, your services, and how you can help them.


Marketing strategizes the best networking opportunities and uses those opportunities to their fullest potential.  It's a unique business card that makes an impression... it's a dramatic image on your home page that instantly draws people in.  It's the thoughtful way you connect with people by telling your own story with authenticity.

It's just you, doing you... but, you know, as a business.  Book a free 60-minute session to discuss how the right marketing strategy can connect you with your potential clients!

Web Design Details

Designing your website is more than just picking colors and images...and providing a list of products and services.  It involves translating your brand identity and personality to an online visual presence that evokes the curiosity and imagination of your potential clients.


When prospective clients land on your home page, you want them to instantly get a feel for you, your business, and the services you offer.


My goal is to capture your true nature and translate it to a visual medium using the perfect colors, fonts and imagery.  (Because fonts matters... a lot.)  In fact, there's a fun little video of Sarah Hyndman that shows the influence fonts have on an audience.  Check it out!

Book a 60-minute free session to chat about how your website can work better for your business!

Website Design

Graphic Design Details

Graphic Design

Articles with images get 94% more views.  Visual graphics and imagery enhance written content universally.  Studies show that people remember 65% of the visual content that they see almost three days later.  In comparison to about 10% of written content three days after it’s read.  (For more nifty visual marketing info, check out this article.)


With all of the print and digital content available these days, you need to make your articles, blogs, social media posts and ads stand out. Graphic design can help by creating:​

  • clean and welcoming design to your articles

  • info graphics for important points in written content

  • social media posts with stunning photography and easy to read fonts

  • advertisements that will capture the attention of your target audience


Book a free 60-minute session to discover how to enhance your advertisements or social media could better reflect your brand and business.

"The greatest act of  courage, is to be and to own all that you are - without  apology, without  excuses, without any  masks to cover the truth of who you truly are."
Debbie Ford
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